Why You Should Consider Integrating E-commerce Multi-Carrier Shipping Software with Your E-commerce Website

As of this writing, there are more than 24 million e-commerce websites online today. This means the competition is cutthroat and unforgiving. It’s a fact that today’s customers are keen on getting fair prices and great value when they visit your online store. But these days, e-commerce sales hinge on more than that. Many customers today have trained their eyes on shipping, and they want to know how much they are going to pay for it. That’s because shipping can add up the price of products and make uneconomical to buy online. While you’re always hard at work to provide value to your customers, you need also to ensure you are getting the best rates, as well as timely delivery. You can, in turn, spread these benefits to your customers. These reasons will underscore why you need to integrate e-commerce shipping software into your e-commerce website:

the modern day customer

You need to utilize e-commerce shipping software because the modern day customer is keen on low shipping costs

A 2009 study by North American Technographics Retail Online Survey, found out that 65% of customers are likely to abandon your e-commerce website if you don’t offer cost-effective shipping. The main reasons why most e-commerce websites cannot access cost-effective shipping options offered by carriers like FedEx and UPS is that they are not able to meet the minimum requirement of 150, 000 packages shipped in a year. However, carriers like Express 1 offer great discounts on such large volume shipments if you are a member. On top of that, Express 1 can seamlessly integrate with most small e-commerce shipping software and shopping cart solutions.

shipping processes

Automating your shipping processes using multicarrier shipping solutions can enhance your e-commerce business efficiency

According to a report by CNBC, FedEx and UPS carriers ship more than 25 million merchandise each year successfully. With an integrated multi-carrier shipping software, your e-commerce business, regardless of its size, can also achieve the same milestone. This is because e-commerce multicarrier shipping software allows automatic exportation of shipping orders to its platform, enabling you to evaluate various carriers, their rates, and track record to choose one that offers the most competitive price and fast delivery time for your clients. This, in turn, helps you to speed up your e-commerce business’ growth sustainably and nail repeat customers. Some e-commerce business owners still do these tasks manually when they can be automated. Some of the shipping processes that can be automated and streamlined include updating the status of orders, exporting orders, monitoring errors, including comments, printing shipping labels, and keeping customers a priced of their orders with tracking data. The upside to automating your shipping processes is that it allows you to channel your time and effort to other aspects that matter the most for your e-commerce business, such as growth and expansion.

Things to consider

 Things to consider when out there looking for the best shipping software for your e-commerce website

With the proliferation of e-commerce shipping software, finding one that aligns with your business needs and goals can be overwhelming. However, considering aspects like support, compatibility, discount shipping integration, compare integrations, free trial periods, and customer evaluation capabilities can help you get the right shipping software for your e-commerce business.


To compete in today’s technology-driven e-commerce business world requires determination and resilience. With many small shipping software solutions available out there, you can streamline your shipping processes and compete with the big boys. That’s because, with shipping software, you get affordable shipping prices, improve delivery times, and boost sales and customer retention.