Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Shipping Software

Once upon a time, shopping used to be a private affair. Thanks to internet, we all are connected with rest of the world. Since then, almost every day there is news of some latest technology. Whether it’s about solar roof panels, dream height increase, self-driving vehicle, or multi carrier shipping solution, technology is maturing with each passing day. Yet, it offers so many benefits to your business- retail or ecommerce. Most specifically, while setting up an ecommerce business, shipping is a vital factor in its success.

So, here we have compiled some considerations to find the best shipping software for your business.

  • Since, it would become quite challenging when your Ecommerce shipping software have separate interfaces with different carriers. So, the least Ecommerce shipping software should have is a fully integrated multi carrier shipping solution. This means it should be able to manage all your orders from different sales channels to a centralized console.
  • With auto-generation of shipping labels, you never have to worry about manual consignment notes. Thus, instead of producing labels it frees up your time to spend getting more sales.
  • The best shipping software not only manage your shipping online by maintaining regulations and compliance, but also watch over customer’s experience. The right multi carrier shipping solution must be able to evaluate orders like their delivery destination, scheduled delivery, order value, product etc. since, these attributes spur further decisions to be made. Example, which carriers will be timely for the certain order, which area to ship from, and hold the order for verification, if needed.
  • Ecommerce is nothing without logistics. Ecommerce shipping software must be able to support leading carriers in your location. As it is very important for your business. Not only it facilitates order fulfillment, but also validate eligibility of shipping, printing labels, uploading confirmation status, and select carriers by transit or cost. Precisely, when you have so many choices, make sure to pick the best shipping software your business need.
  • The solution should be prompt to manage customers WISMO (“where is my order”) calls. Moreover, to keep the customer expectation, each step of order from when order created to shipped, assigned tracking number, package in transit, and package delivered should be visible in the solution so that it could easily be traceable.
  • Lastly, the solution must scale with you as you grow your business with flexible pricing options.