It cannot go without saying that e-commerce has today changed the way business is done not only in the United Kingdom but in the world as a whole. With Shopify giving everybody a chance to make money through selling online, it is only fair if the platform did more to ensure that sellers get buyers. The Shopify eBay agreement that allows for items being sold on Shopify to be listed on eBay is one move that has seen so many online shops migrating to Shopify. But what does the partnership mean?

New territory to expand your market

eBay has more than 170 million users, and millions of items have been listed for sale on this platform. By having your items listed here, you will be making it visible for 170 million people who you could have never reached not until it takes you a couple of years to be able to do it on your own. With more people able to see your advertisements, you stand a higher chance of getting buyers.

Help improve your rank on search engines

Marketing online is one of the most hectic things to do because it requires careful strategizing and patience before all the work is done can bear fruits. At some point, you will have to spend money to get your adverts to reach out to more people and even improve your rank on search engine results. When you link your Shopify account to eBay, you will be getting your items to be listed on one of the most highly ranked websites on all search engines. With more customers also expected, your ranking will also shoot fats.

New customers

The most important reason why many online shops are much interested in selling through various sales channels is that they want to find more customers. Know that selling through other channels can be costly, but once you have won a few customers, you can stop relying on these channels. It is, however, good to know that some people would instead shop through a platform they know and trust hence avoiding to use the sales channel may as well deprive you of customers.

Get to sell on a trusted market

With more than 170 million users, it can only be confirmed that eBay has a good number of users. Don’t forget that it is not a social media page rather than a busy market where buyers and sellers dominate. By having your items listed here, you will be accessing the perfect place to find buyers because, unlike social media, no one is here to stalk or upload a picture of themselves. Note that many people would instead shop on eBay rather than from a new online store that is not yet well established.

Fair pricing

EBay is one place where a single item can have several sellers. The problem with this is, one of the sellers will want to sell faster so he or she will want to put a slightly lower price. Since price is one of the factors that influence customers to buy, a low priced item will sell faster. Remember that through eBay, sellers can shop directly from the manufacturers where prices are known to be much favorable. However, having your price does not mean that you cannot sell on through eBay even if it is high. That is because there is a different kind of buyers fit for all prices in the market.

Buyers have to enjoy a variety

Before buying anything, online shoppers’ usually want to know if they are making the right choice of product. They will, therefore, begin by doing a little research and even confirming the prices before they can buy. With Shopify sellers now introducing their products to eBay, the 170 million plus people will be able to find products that were not available for them before.

It is costly

Having items from your Shopify store listed on eBay is not a free service. Although there are different packages for the seller to choose from, the best deal often cost the highest; however, it is all a worthy investment because getting your items sold is guaranteed. Sacrificing a small amount of money to make more is what doing great business is all about. Don’t forget that with eBay, people are always looking for something to buy either immediately or in the future. Paying to have your products displayed on such a platform is better than having them sit on your online shop that does not even have good traffic

The process is seamless

Working with other sales channels to find a market for your goods should be a straightforward process because you don’t want to end up wasting much time repeating what you have done on your Shopify account to eBay. That is why, when you link the two platforms, you should only be worried about taking care of managing your Shopify account because when a new product is added to your online store for sale, it will automatically show on your eBay listing account.

It is only available in the United States

Although Shopify and eBay are platforms that have users from all over the world, the sales channel option that allows Shopify users to have their products listed on eBay is only available in the United States. However, according to Shopify, this service is yet to be made available to the rest of the world.


Shopify is known to have a robust app store that is full of all the tools that can lead an online shop to success. Also, don’t forget apart from eBay, Shopify offers a variety of sales channels that you can try out. However, their partnership with eBay is the one which shook the world because both platforms were anticipated to collaborate because one site which is Shopify is better at finding the manufacturers and sellers while online sellers trust Shopify. Through the partnership, both platforms are benefiting, and this will only get better when this feature is finally made available to the rest of the world.

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